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**RAIN DATE Nov. 10th**

Before Beckham was born he had a heart attack in utero, which caused a lot of thick scar tissue and damaged papillary muscles. Beckham Lee Collins was born 6 weeks early on June 5, 2017. He was born with chronic lung disease and with multiple congenital heart defects: Mitral stenosis, Mitral valve regurgitation, Mitral valve arcade, & Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Beckham has been in and out of heart failure his whole life. The heart failure is being controlled with daily doses of beta blockers and diuretics. The doctors need the medicine to prolong surgery as long as possible because they won’t be able to repair the Mitral valve; they’ll have to replace it with a mechanical valve. A mechanical valve can’t grow with Beckham, so with each growth spurt Beckham will need another surgery. Beckham is being monitored and treated at Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta. Beckham has been in and out of the hospital a total of 77 days. Heart defects can cause neurological symptoms; Beckham is delayed, he’s currently in physical therapy and feeding therapy; and being evaluated for language therapy and occupational therapy. Beckham has weekly appointments with all of his therapists; and monthly appointments with his cardiologist and pulmonologist. All of his doctors describe him as complex, unusual, risky, and rare. The scar tissue could potentially make Beckham a candidate for a heart transplant. The mitral valve regurgitation and mitral stenosis causes both left sided heart failure and right sided heart failure. The hypertrophic cardiomyopathy causes cardiac arrest. The Mitral valve arcade is an extremely rare condition, it was first found in 1967, it’s one of those heart defects that doctors read about in textbooks but never see in their lifetime. An article was written in 2014 saying less than 13 cases have been reported.